About us: Photo of Ms. Carla Moss

The WRANGLER Horse and Rodeo News was established in 1987. It began as an idea that Jim Moss had after his visit to Arizona and California during the winter of '86-'87. As many snowbirds do, they migrated south to team rope. When Jim and Paulette needed to find ropings, they were told to pick up a copy of the Arizona All Around and the Roper Sports News. Both Publications contained upcoming events, advertisements, as well as roping results. Jim was immediately inspired, because he new there was a need for such a publication in Wyoming.

Jim also knew they could make the dream a reality. Jim's extensive team roping and rodeo background, contacts that he had made through the horse shoeing business, and the contacts that he had accumulated from his family's tack store helped make it all possible. Jim and Paulette originally named the publication Wyoming Wrangler, but soon had to drop the word Wyoming from the publication name due to the fact that there was so much interest from surrounding states.

PO Box 6070
Riverton, WY 82501