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Amberley Snyder Clinic at Laramie County Community College

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“There is no future in giving up” was one of the inspiring messages given by Amberley Snyder while speaking to a packed room of people at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne, WY this week.

Amberley’s appearance was made possible through support from Dale and Sharon Keizer who created an endowment at the college to host speakers that deliver inspirational and empowering messages. Amberley certainly fits in that category.

The WPRA barrel racer candidly shared her journey of recovery since the 2010 car accident outside of Sinclair, Wyoming that left her paralyzed from the waist down after hitting a wood fence that severed her spine. She was very honest and real about the fact that there have been good days and some bad days, but she is determined to continue to follow her passion: rodeo.

Snyder encouraged many to “make lemonade of lemons” during her speech at Laramie County Community College. The WRANGLER News

Snyder continues to barrel race. She also breakaway ropes and is back to training horses, just in a different way than before. She held a barrel racing clinic for riders in the LCCC indoor arena and answered question after question from the audience members. 

Amberley shared her experiences about dating, getting used to asking for help, being her own stunt double and her experience being on Yellowstone. Snyder also expressed her unwavering gratitude to her family. She spoke of how the FFA has had a huge influence on her life and prepared her for her role as a professional public speaker. This was a message well received by the many FFA students in the room who came to listen to her presentation. 

Snyder was clear that it has been her Faith, Family, and Horses that have gotten her through her darkest hours and impressed the importance of making “lemonade out of lemons”. Snyder urged the crowd to cherish every minute, and to look for things each day that make them happy. For Snyder, Disneyland is one of the things that makes her happy. She shared she is headed to Disneyland after her speaking engagement in Cheyenne to celebrate her Dad’s birthday.

Amberley Snyder shares her story with the hope of inspiring others that tomorrow is another day. 

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