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CNFR 2022 Round 3 Results

The following are results after the third performance at the College National Finals Rodeo, June 15, 2022, courtesy of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association.

Kelby Schneiter (Western Texas College) goes for 82-point ride on Brokeman's Rodeo's Voodoo during Round 3 of the CNFR 2022. (Jackie Jensen Photography)

CASPER, Wyo.—The following are results after the first performance at the College National Finals Rodeo, June 15, 2022, courtesy of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. Complete results are available at

Bareback Riding: (third round) 1,Kelby Schneiter, Western Texas College, 82 points. 2, (tie) Ty Pope, Missouri Valley College, and Guage McBride, Panola College, 74.5 each. 4, Tyler Griffin, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, and Cole Franks, Missouri Valley College, 74. 6, Cooper Filipek, Mesalands Community College, 72. (total on three) 1, Franks, 236. 2, Pope, 233.5. 3, Griffin, 231. 4, McBride, 222. 5, Denton Jacobson, Fort Scott Community College, 220.5. 6, Nick Pelke, Missouri Valley College, 210.5.  

Tie-Down Roping: (third round) 1, Chadron Coffield, University of Wyoming, 8.3 seconds. 2, Linkyn Petersek, Casper College, 8.4. 3, Kase Bacque, Sam Houston State University, 8.6. 4, Zane Taylor, Treasure Valley Community College, 9.5. 5, (tie) Kincade Henry, Panola College, and Tanner Brown, East Mississippi Community College, 9.7 each. . (total on three) 1, Henry, 29.1. 2, Petersek, 30.9. 3, Cody Stewart, Feather River College, 32.2. 4, Bacque, 33.2. 5, Myles Kenzy, Gillette College, 38.2. 6, Monty James, Central Arizona College, 41.0.  

Breakaway Roping: (third round) 1, Kenlie Raby, Missouri Valley College, 1.7 seconds. 2, Alli Masters, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 2.0. 3, (tie) Hayden Madsen, Laramie County Community College and Kimberly Williams, Walla Walla Community College, 2.2 each. 5, Delaney Kunau, Univrsity of Nevada – Las Vegas, 2.4. 6, Briena Wells, Weatherford College, 2.5. (total on three) 1, Masters, 7.1. 2, (tie) Madalyn Richards, Texas A & M University and Wells, 7.6. 4, Blair Bryant, East Mississippi Community College, 7.7. 5, Maddy Deerman, Tarleton State University, 7.8. 6, Catherine Clayton, Cochise College, 9.5. 

Steer Wrestling: (third round) 1, Blake Betz, Blue Mountain Community College, 4.0 seconds. 2, Bryar Byrne, Feather River College, 4.6. 3, (tie) Jesse Keysaer, University of Tennessee – Martin, and Mason Couch, Southeastern Oklahoma State University , 4.9 each. 5, (tie) Wes Shaw, College of Southern Idaho, and Garrett Elmore, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, 5.1. (total on three) 1, Tucker Alberts, Missouri Valley College, 13.7. 2, Ty Allred, Tarleton State University, 18.4. 3, Mike Nannini, Montana State University, 23.1. 4, Couch, 24.7. 6, Cache Burnside, Central Arizona College, 27.0.  

Saddle Bronc Riding: (third round) 1, Shae Fournier, McNeese State University, 80.5. 2, Cash Wilson, Tarleton State University, Tarleton State University, 76.5. 3, John Allen, Iowa Central Community College, 73.5. 4, Jarrod Hammons, Hill College, 72.4. 5, (tie) Sage Miller, Laramie County Community College, and Carson Klinger, University of Montana – Western, 70 each. (total on three) Fournier, 234. 2, Wilson, 226.5. 3, Miller, 207. Allen, 208. 4, Miller, 207.5. (on two) 5, Ryder Sanford, McNeese State University, 163. 6, Brody Wells, Tarleton State University, 153. 

Goat Tying: (third round) 1, (tie) Taylour Latham, University of Wyoming, and Kamryn Duncan, McNeese State University, 6.1 seconds. 3, Kaytlyn Miller, Texas Tech University – Lubbock, 6.2. 4, (tie) Jessi Jane Portenier, Cochise College; Emma Hodson, Weber State University and Kodey Hoss, Weatherford College, 6.3. (total on three) 1, Duncan, 18.9. 2, Hoss, 19.1. 3, Jaicee Bastian, Utah Valley University, 18.9. 4, (tie) Kaytlyn Miller, Texas Tech University, and Hailey Garrison, Montana State University, 19.9. 6, Wacey Day, Northeastern Junior College, 20.0.  

Team Roping: (third round) 1, Bodie Mattson, Gillette College and Trae Smith, Casper College, 4.8 seconds. 2, Mason Moore, Sam Houston State University and Logan Moore, Wharton County College, 5.9. 3, (tie) Brad Moreno, Central Arizona College, and Jaken Todacheerie, Northern Pioneer College; Riley Kittle, Cisco College and Jace Helton, Weatherford, College,; and Cutter Machado, Cal Poly State University – San Luis Obispo and Wyatt Hansen, West Hills College, 6.0. (total on three) 1, Moore and Moore, 18.0. 2, Kittle and Helton, 6.0. 3, McCraw and Walker, 30.0. 4, Moreno and Todacheenie, 38.3. 5, Trystin Hooper, West Hills College and David Stark, California State University – Fresno, 40.6. (on two) 6, Carson and Kellan Johnson, Casper College, 13.5.  

Barrel Racing: (third round) 1, Jaylie Matthews, East Mississippi Community College, 14.13 seconds. 2, (tie) Sadie Walaver, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, and Bryana Lehrmann, Texas A & M University – Commerce, 14.22. 4, Abby Hepper, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 14.23. 5, Bradi Good, Weatherford College, 14.32. 6, Tayla Moeykens, Montana State University, 14.33. (total on three) 1, Wolaver, 42.72. 2, (tie) Emma Smith, Texas A & M University, and Hepper, 43.21 each. 4, Bradi Good, Weatherford College, 43.24. 5, Taycie Matthews, East Mississippi Community College, 43.37. 6, Tayla Moeykens, Montana State University, 43.43. 

Bull Riding: (third round – two rides) 1, Cole Skender, Three Rivers College, 84. 2, Tristen Hutchings, Sul Ross State University, 82.5 points.  (total on two) 1, Hutchings, 167. 2, Skender, 140. 3, Andy Guzman, Mesalands Community College, 157.5. 4, Casey Roberts, Three Rivers College, 157. 5, Luke Parkinson, Western Texas College, 141.5.

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