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Covered by Cori

Insurance Q & A :
Q: What states can you insure horses & Cattle
A: 38 States, Canada, and Europe
Q: How do you place a value on the horse you are insuring?
A: Horses are an investment and establishing
value is important in protecting that investment.
Multiple factors go into computing the insurable value. Among these are purchase price, stud fee paid, training, and earnings.
Q: How many Agents does Covered by Cori
A: We currently have 7 agents in 5 different states.
Our website has each agent’s biographies listed. I felt it was important to have a very diverse group
of agents because our book of business consists of all different demographics and disciplines.
Q: What companies do you underwrite
A: We primarily use American Reliable and Bascule. In my opinion those two companies give my customers the most bang for their buck and have consistently
offered a white glove claims experience.

About Cori:

Cori has been in the insurance industry her entire life. She has insured thousands of horses all over the world. From play day ponies to multi million dollar breeding horses. Her passion to protect people’s legacies has led to a remarkable success in the equine industry.

Cori is known for her honesty, integrity, empathy, and her reliability. Growing up in Ft. Worth, TX. Cori was an avid horse lover with parents who were not horse people. Her father was a conductor for Union Pacific Railroad and her mother was a 2nd generation Allstate Agency owner. As a freshman in college Cori began working as a loper in the cutting horse industry where her love for good cow horses matured.

Cori attended Abilene Christian University her freshman year of college on a cheerleading scholarship but quickly traded in her college cheerleading uniform for a Jeff Smith saddle and made her way to Clarendon College where she would compete on the Ranch Horse Team for 2 years. Cori was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. After her diagnosis and treatment she chose not to return to school. Instead, she obtained her insurance license and went to work at her family’s Allstate Agency in Saginaw, Texas.

After a few years Cori took over the family business and grew it exponentially. Winning numerous awards and was one of the youngest women Allstate Agency owners in the nation. She was responsible for protecting over 4500 households across Texas. Although Cori valued this time in her life she quickly realized that corporate America was not fulfilling her passion for the Equine and Cattle industries’ needs.

Personal Q & A

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: Usually my son and I will find something to get in to outdoors. He is 7 years old and knows how to keep me on my toes. We have 3 corgis that love to run at the dog park. I have been an avid hunter and fisherman my entire life and really enjoy seeing different parts of the country traveling to different
horse sales.

Q: What is your motivation?

A: I am very strong in my faith, I believe God gifts every single one of us with gifts and talents. We are just wasting those away if we aren’t using them to honor him. I guess that is what motivates me to get up
every day is to go to work to honor Him and what he sacrificed so that I could live this life.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you could give?

A: Take yourself seriously or others won’t. Work hard, push in, don’t hold back. And when you get discouraged, do it again.

Agents: Information:

Bailey Jo Jeffries, KS
Chesney Reeves, NE
Kristen York, TX 940-241-9730
Katie Oles, AZ
Laura Teague, OK
Amanda Tidwell, TX

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