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CWCC News | Oct. 5, 2023

The Central Wyoming Cutting Club is getting organized for the annual cutting clinic scheduled for October 21 and 22, 2023 to be held at the Hot Springs County Fairgrounds in Thermopolis, WY. The cost of the clinic is $300 and requires a deposit of $150 to reserve a spot in the clinic. Please email for more information or to make your reservation. This will be a great opportunity for you to get quality instruction provided by our trainers. This clinic is designed to meet the needs and level of each participant so you can be a veteran to cutting or new to cutting and still receive valuable information. In addition, it will also meet the level of your horse from a seasoned finished cutter to a new to cattle cutting horse.

Mark your calendars with our cutting dates: November 17-19, December 15- 17, January 19-21, February 16-18, and March 14-16. Be watching for more information in The Wrangler, on Facebook, and our website at

Gentle reminder as we approach the new cutting season to check your earnings and the earnings for your horses. All riders are responsible for verifying that rider and horse(s) qualify for the classes that they enter.

Should it be found that the rider or horse entered in a class are in fact ineligible, the rider will forfeit any earnings and the entry fee for said entry.

Thank you to our sponsors: Central Bank & Trust, Diamond Cross Ranch, Rod Smith, Bruce Keller Performance Horses, Hayden Heaphy, the V Ranch, Hot Springs Hotel, Canyon Concrete, 3 J’s Arena, MTR Cattle Company/Tiffany Rives, One Eyed Buffalo, Shaun Musselman, Dave Slover, 760 Ranch/Lynn Moore, Ryan Trucking, HD Ranch/Josh Longwell, Mel Dahl and Diana Brodie, Mel Robinson, Deb Simpson, Helen Larsen/High Brow Tuesday, and Miller’s Horse Palace.

Officers for 2023-24 are President Hayden Heaphy, Vice-president Justin Johnson, Secretary Debbie Keller, Treasurer Diana Brodie and Rules Hayden Heaphy. The directors for 2023-24 are Mel Dahl, Jonah Deines, Hayden Heaphy, James Johnson, Justin Johnson, Bruce Keller, Shaun Musselman, Deb Simpson, and Rod Smith. The goal of the Central Wyoming Cutting Club is to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere for horses and riders of all skill levels to participate in and enjoy the wonderful sport of cutting. Check out our website at and join us on Facebook.

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