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Historic Saddle Club News | Jan 20, 2023

The Historic Saddle Club is just celebrated its 75th year as the charter establishing the club was signed in September of 1947.

Our Mission Statement is as follows: The Historic Saddle Club is a family-oriented volunteer organization of equine enthusiasts who encourage responsible horsemanship and promote equestrian events. We are an organization of individuals and families coming together for both our members and our community through recreational, social, and equestrian activities.

General meetings are held throughout the year and all members are encouraged to attend however the
officers and board members should be present.

These meetings are where the major projects are discussed and approved. This is your Club, your input is important to the success of the club.

Board meetings are held at the Club House on the first Monday of every month (unless they fall on a
holiday, you will receive notice of the changes prior to the meeting) and the meetings begin at 6 p.m. If a
member would like to place an item on the agenda, they can contact any board member. Please ensure
you let the rest of the board know about these agenda items so they may be added prior to the next meeting.

Bit & Spur 4-H, Leader Juanita Baker announced the first 4-H meeting will be Thursday, January 26th
2023 at 7 p.m. at the Historic Saddle Club House, do not bring your horses.

We had a wonderful sponsor assist us in setting up a new award this year which we hope to continue, this is The Youth Ambassador Saddle Award, A saddle certificate valued at $2,000 or more will be
awarded to the Youth member with the highest number of points earned throughout the 2022 year’s
Historic Saddle Club activities. Participating by either preparing for, helping during, cleaning up, or
competing in Historic Saddle Club events earns the member points. simple rules, the youth did have to
nominate so we knew who we need to track for points.

2022 Youth Ambassadors

Our 2022 Youth Ambassadors with over 15 points were: Sterling and Weston Cannon, Lyla Swenson, Morgan, Nicole, and Kaycee Fleming, Madelyn and Natalie Zeiler, Riley and Brecken Ricker, Leah Cerny, Erin Daniels, and Memphis Erdman

Todd Slone Saddle Certificates to winners are Leah Cerny winning the $2500 saddle certificate and Memphis Erdman winning the $1875 saddle certificate.

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