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Keeping Up With Kenzy

Kenzy & Maggie Broadrick discuss youth entrepreneurship and building your brand from a young age.

Kenzy Broadrick and her mother Maggie, of Fort Lupton, Colorado have been quite busy recently. Competing in the barrel racing, learning how to breakaway rope, managing MK Rodeo Journals, going to school, and interviewing professional rodeo athletes everywhere are just a few of the ventures this mother- daughter duo manages on a day-to-day basis.

As a barrel racer, Kenzy has many accolades to her name. From qualifying for the KK Run for Vegas Finals twice, to qualifying for the Vegas’ Toughest, this cowgirl has proven herself in the arena.

What really makes Kenzy stand out from other kids her age, is her entrepreneurial attitude and willingness to promote and put herself out there.

Kenzy is a member of the Priefert Jr. Elite Team, and also sponsored by Greeley Hat Works and Macie Bean Boots.

“Being a part of the Priefert Jr. Elite Team has helped me so much,” Kenzy explained, “How they teach you to present yourself in and out of the arena has been amazing.”

Through the relationships built through her work with Priefert and Greeley Hat Works, Kenzy has had the opportunity to kick off her career as a young journalist.

Beginning at the National Western Stock Show in January of 2023, Kenzy started interviewing professional rodeo athletes.

“We were at Denver one day and my mom [Maggie] showed me the day sheet and I just wanted to meet everyone,” she started, “I knew I had to find a way to get down to the contestants and so I could see everyone on the Priefert Pro Team!”

After some messaging with her contacts at Priefert, Kenzy and Maggie arranged interviews with some of the professional athletes there at the National Western Stock Show. Since then, Kenzy has continued to interview rodeo athletes everywhere and plans to continue to refine and perfect her craft heading into the future.

“Not only has it been cool to interview some of the big names, but there were a lot of local contestants we interviewed too,” Maggie added. “We live in such an amazing place and there were so many local people from around here that took the time to sit and meet with her and that worked great too!”

It’s clear that branding and entrepreneurship are big in the Broadrick house. When asked what advice she has for anyone looking to market themselves, Kenzy said, “Just do it. I think people wait for the right time, but there isn’t ever going to be a right time. Jump in and see where it goes!”

For Kenzy, this was a lesson learned at the Greeley Stampede. After a less than ideal barrel run in the youth rodeo that kept her out of the performances, Kenzy changed direction and used this change of plans as a way to pursue her interests in interviewing.

“God didn’t want me to do that, he didn’t want me to go to that perf. Instead, I got to interview the kids that did make it. So many people saw those interviews and it opened so many doors for me.” explained Kenzy.

“Hustle and think outside the box. You can run barrels and you can rodeo until you can’t,” Maggie laughed. “It’s really hard to make the barrels a career. I hope that people do but if it doesn’t work out…. What are you going to do?”

Maggie is a self-proclaimed “momager” and has been instrumental behind the scenes in helping Kenzy pursue her passions. It’s clear where Kenzy gets it. Maggie is a business minded woman and a hustler.

In 2020, Maggie and Kenzy realized there was a clear need for a “journal” dedicated to keeping better records on one’s horses and competitive habits.

“It started out as a way for us to keep track of what we were feeding, what our horses were bred like, what my times were at certain arenas, and just kind of connecting the dots is what really started MK rodeo journals.” said Kenzy.

Their idea spread like wildfire, and they soon realized this was a need within the rodeo industry. MK Rodeo Journals has various brand ambassadors, and big names such as Patrick Smith have bought multiple MK rodeo journals. Lisa Lockhart is another supporter.

Right now, MK rodeo journals is available digitally. Printing issues have temporarily slowed them down, but this has allowed for Maggie and Kenzy to focus on the future of MK Rodeo Journals. Eventually, they would love to create an app and are currently looking into developers.

Heading into December, the Broadrick’s have their eye on Vegas. Prepping and getting everything into place have been the focus for the past couple weeks. Even with the bright lights of Vegas approaching rapidly, Kenzy remains focused on the things most important to her, family.

“It takes a village. At the end of the day, my mom’s going to be there for me, and my stepdad is going to be there for me,” explained Kenzy, “If you just have your team, at the end of the day nothing else matters.”

Kenzy and Maggie want to thank everyone big and small for their support of their program and the brand they have built together. Specifically, they would like to mention Priefert, Greeley Hat Works, Macie Bean, Country Truck & Auto, X2D Ministries, and anyone who has ever supported Kenzie along the way.

The future is so bright for this family. For more information, make sure to follow MK Rodeo Journals on Facebook.

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