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LOTRA News | Oct. 5, 2023

It’s time to rejoin the LOTRA indoor arena with your annual membership. Good news—We have kept the membership prices the same as the past few years. The new membership takes effect on Nov. 1. A membership form is posted on the website and our Facebook page.

More good news…..we are increasing the number of times the indoor arena will be groomed to a minimum of 5 times per week! This will improve our riding experience with better footing and dust control. There are many events being planned in the arena for our members this winter, including ropings, jackpot series, practices with cattle (non-roping), and more. We have contracted with Dailen Jones/D & D Livestock for the roping cattle lease for 60 head. 

We are currently soliciting applicants for the 3 contracts LOTRA manages to run the barn. They are posted on the website. If you are interested or have questions, please send a letter of interest, your experience and your contact information to by October 1. The contracts will be awarded at the Oct. 4 LOTRA membership/board meeting.

  1. Groundskeeper, 6 month winter, effective Nov. 1, 2023. $450/month + partial membership = $2,862.50
  2. Groundskeeper, 6 month summer, effective May 1, 2024. $400/month + partial membership = $2,562.50
  3. Cattle care, 5 month winter, effective Nov. 1, 2023. $1000/month + membership = $5,325

We have made many improvements to the barn this past year, thanks to volunteer John Gazso, who has worked on the watering system, the garage doors, security systems, grounds, cattle shelter, cattle pens, roping chute, and many more projects. We are actively working on grants to make more improvements this year.

We look forward to seeing you at the LOTRA barn again.

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