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For the love of country and rodeo…apparently these two passions go hand-in-hand to make lasting impressions. Please enjoy the PAFRA Love Connections that have sparked across the years of service to country and rodeo competition. These are the tip of the iceberg as many others are still riding into the sunset with one another.

Jessica & Travis Beck
“He says we first officially met at PAFRA 2010 in Glenrose, TX but I don’t remember it at all. In 2011, he says, I finally noticed him, and we started talking at the PAFRA Finals in Midland, TX. Fast-forward, and we were married by 2012. I know we never would have met had it not been for PAFRA. He was Air Force and I was Navy and at the time I was in Fort Worth, TX and while he was stationed in Clovis, NM. Our love of rodeo and our time in the military that allowed us to compete at PAFRA finals is what ultimately gave us the chance to meet. We have now been married 11 years. “

Fallon Francis & Joey Hunn
“We met at PAFRA 2019, it was both of our rookie years and we had said hi in passing but didn’t talk much. 2020 was cancelled due to COVID so we didn’t see each other that year. Joe added me on Facebook in 2021 and randomly reached out one day. He came to meet me at a barrel race later that week, but I only went so I could meet up with him. It was three hours away and the rest is history. We moved to Texas last year, got married this year and bought our first piece of property.”

Diana Brogan & Michael Hall
“Michael and I met at my first PAFRA World Championship Rodeo. I was definitely
interested in him first, but never pursued anything as neither one of us were interested in any kind of relationship. We ran into each other at several Military rodeos after that, and always ended up having good conversation and laughs. We seemed to share a special kind of bond that most soldiers can relate to. It wasn’t until we were in Whitewright, TX at a Military Rodeo that he asked me out in the Church parking lot right before the grand entry. It was then that I knew that he must have been sent to me from the good Lord himself!! He won the team roping that night and bought pizza. After service the next day, he came over again, and I finally gave him my number. It was all history after that!!”

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