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GOTTA RIATA: Riata Buckle Roping to payout $2 million in November

Team roping jackpot meets Futurity stallion incentive; The Riata Buckle. Designed for the handicap roper, The Riata Buckle will provide new opportunities, huge payouts, and availability of horses to all levels of ropers. Riata Buckle stallion owners will have additional value in their foals because the offspring will be the offspring of Riata Buckle stallions, and eligible to participate in this one of a kind program. A focus on a stallion’s performance earnings has never been done in the team ropings before outside of minor horse shows. This is one of the many offerings that makes the Riata Buckle so special and unique for stallion owners as well as contestants.

From the producers of Pink Buckle and Ruby Buckle, Lance Robinson and Chad Beus, you can expect the same event quality that the barrel racing industry equates with excellence. This time, the duo has brought on Team Roping legend, Denny Gentry, to facilitate the inaugural event on November 3-6, 2022 at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Gentry brings decades of experience and expertise to the partnership and his resume of success includes building successful, innovative programs such as the US Team Roping Championships, WSTR as well as the Super Looper Magazine.

How the Riata Buckle Works

When people think of a roping futurity, they most often think of an event where only one of the horses on each team is futurity aged. The Riata is changing this stigma in an effort to level the field and eliminate ‘help horses.’ In the futurity classes, both horses must be 5 or younger. Like a futurity stallion incentive, to compete in The Riata Buckle program at least one horse on each team must be sired by one of the 150 exceptional Stallions enrolled in the program. Some “A” list stallions you will find on the Riata Buckle list are Slick by Design, Metallic Cat, Epic Leader, Blazin Jetolena,The Goodbye Lane, and A Smooth Guy.

The creators envision the Riata Buckle being a top dollar opportunity for any level of roper. Seeing recent developments in the horse market, the creators of Riata Buckle felt the supply and demand for good rope horses was not being met. Horse prices were rising too high for the weekend roper to purchase a horse for their needs. 

“Certain types of horses are always going to be expensive, what’s starting to happen is that the sales of lower quality and green horses have risen to a point that it could begin to impact the growth of the team roping industry. We can’t be in the same situation as the cutting industry, we have to be affordable to start up ropers” Gentry said.

The Riata Buckle will host futurity and all-age classes, each with a hi-slide and lo-slide to offer payouts to as many ropers as possible. All level of ropers will be able to participate in the Riata Buckle. In addition to the roping classes, the Riata Buckle will also offer a breakaway roping for the ladies and the youth on November 3, 2022.

Breakaway Event: For the Ladies and the Youth

Breakaway horses must be nominated offspring of the enrolled stallions, and horses are limited to one futurity year. They can enter the breakaway futurity this year and roping futurity next year or vice versa, as long as the horse is still five or younger.

For the Handicap Roper

Current association and futurity offerings have always been predominately open type ropings. By offering larger payouts within the futurity and incentive structure to handicap type ropers, Gentry hopes it will activate ropers within the other 98% of the roping market that have never had an opportunity with their horses. To launch the Riata Buckle the partners have guaranteed a Minimum of $2 million in payoffs, which makes these program the 5 the richest roping in the world before they even start.

The full list of stallions can be found on The Riata Buckle Website and the nomination forms for progeny can also be found there. Nominations are due by December 31, 2022.

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