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RMBA News | Jan. 20, 2023

Inquiring minds want to know, did you hit Santa’s Nice List? Or, did you find yourself missing some of your Christmas top picks?

If you find yourself in the latter category, first, you’re in good company! Secondly, the Rocky Mountain Breeders Association (RMBA) has a deal for you! How about a breeding to a top stallion that can produce the kind of foal you’re looking for? Not a bad idea, huh?

Since 2023 is here, the RMBA means we’re just that much closer to getting the events we host annually
on the calendar.

First things first: updates of your current directors, Secretary-elect, Katie Ennis, was unable to fill all the
duties in this current term based on time demands, so chose to step back, though she very graciously
offered to help with any aspects of the Secretary work she can. The remaining members of the Board of
Directors confirmed prior Secretary, Jan Finn, would be available to continue the position. During the Director’s Conference Call on January 3rd , 2023, the Board appointed Jan to fill the remainder of Katie’s current term. No other changes to the Director Roster.

If you are not yet a member but are planning to join, no time like the present to pay in for 2023. This also gets you on the e-blast email list with the next sizeable promotion being the e-directory. The e-directory features the 2023 Stallion Service Auction participants, Directors, and full list of committees including the Chair for each, and much more. If you’d like to receive the e-directory, contact Jan at her email by sending her an email from your address. This will ensure the electronic information does not hit your Spam folder.

The Stallion Service Auction is the top of the list for current programs!!! If you are serious about selecting a high-quality sire, you will absolutely want to check out the stallion line-up. We see every year filled with sire standouts. This year is no exception! Solid, sound performance horses to suit every goal, every level, every event and look fantastic doing it. Doesn’t hurt that they all boast pedigrees that are proven.

The bidding starts January 15th , 2023, on the RMBA website. Go to and you’ll
see “STALLIONS” listed on the top menu. Click on the Stallions and it will pop up photos of several sires.
Click the button “Stallion Service Auction” to read about the parameters of the auction.

If you submit a bid, you will be entering into a legal and binding contract. It is recommended you visit with each owner/manager to ensure you have a full understanding of the mare requirements prior to bidding. Stallion owners are donating the breeding fee only. Bidders may have additional fees such as chute fee, booking fee, mare care, vet care, or other fees that apply. Several stallions have their own breeding contract that is set and even with a breeding purchased through the RMBA Stallion Service Auction, the stallion contract (and any applicable fees) must be sent to the stallion owner/manager prior
to making arrangements to deliver the mare or order semen.

It is always exciting to see the level of stallions found in the Stallion Service Auction. If you are looking
for a reining horse, cutting horse, barrel horse, ranch horse, or rope horse including several that can do multiple jobs, then you MUST take a serious look at these stallions. If you’ve heard of such performance
sires as Like A Diamond (APHA), Quanah O Lena, A Streak Of Fling, Metallic Cat, Pretty Peppy Chec, Playgun, Dash For Perks, and more, then you won’t be able to resist the quality of stallions participating.

Stallions vary in what breeding options are available. Some specifically offer frozen semen only, some shipped semen, others live cover only. Based on those specifics, mare owners should know what criteria
and options are available prior to bidding. That may include having your mare 5-panel tested and test
results in hand.

Stallions may still be nominated and be part of the Stallion Service Auction. This includes social media and newsletter, plus e-blast advertising. Stallion owners are encouraged to provide a weather-proof arena banner for display in the arena at all the events. Participating stallions and age-eligible offspring are able to participate in the Stallion Stakes classes, too! These added money classes are open only to the stallions and their offspring of the current year Stallion Service Auction. It pays to ride a Stallion Stakes horse!

Stallion owners may enroll their stallion(s) as a Reference sire for stallions not standing to the public, no
longer breeding sound, even deceased, to offer Stallion Stakes eligibility to the offspring.

Don’t have a mare to breed? Several of the stallion owners offer offspring for sale, so you can still ride
great offspring of these fine stallions! Several sires are loaded with incentives, so those programs pay for
themselves if competition is your goal. Happy Bidding to All!!!

If you aren’t a mare owner or aren’t currently looking for your next saddle horse and partner, but you bump into these stallion owners, please tell them Thank You as their support is a key part of the RMBA’s
success. We appreciate their involvement and support. They truly are the foundation upon which the
RMBA was founded.

How about Ranch Horse Competitions? One of the best values or “bang for your buck” comes from
these family-oriented shows. Comprised of a reining pattern, cow work, and a trail segment, the Ranch
Horse series offers classes for all ages and skill sets of both horse and rider. Looking for fun for the whole family? The RMBA Ranch Horse series has you covered!

Most classes are Year End High Point award eligible and are open to members who show in a minimum
of 50 percent of the offered shows. Typically, the shows are one weekend per month from May through
August, though the arena and cattle availability does dictate the schedule, so check the calendar for

For Paint horse exhibitors, if you’re enrolled in the APHA’s PAC program, these shows are PAC-eligible.
Earn a performance record while having fun. There’s a recipe for success right there.

Keep reading The Wrangler, the official newsletter publication of the RMBA; look for all of the e-blasts
for information; and keep tabs on what’s happening on the RMBA’s Facebook page at “Rocky Mountain
Breeders Association
.” If you haven’t “Liked” and “Followed” us yet, you’ll want to. Invite all your
friends, too! It’s the best deal in town!

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