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RMBA News | May 20, 2023

Sunshine kicks us all into gear! Just something about that cheery sight makes us horse folks here at the Rocky Mountain Breeders Association (RMBA) revved up for the upcoming season!

The first in-the-saddle event, the “Intro To Ranch Horse” clinic was held April 29-30, 2023. It was held at the Saddle Peak Equestrian Center outside of Belgrade, Montana. The weather was phenomenal, the surroundings beautiful, and a bunch of riders ready to get down to learning!

Cow work clinician, Jess Kirkpatrick, demonstrates rate

The two clinicians for 2023 were for cow work, Jess Kirkpatrick, a longtime trainer, clinician, coach, and judge who has a basis in the real ranch setting as well. Hauling all the way to Belgrade from her new facility location in Broadus, Montana, was Tricia Purcell. Tricia is an accomplished reining trainer and coach.

Attendees were excited for the rotational format of half of the riders spending Saturday with Jess, the other with Tricia; the next day the groups switched to ride with the other clinician. This allowed a full day of instruction under each clinician. The riders all felt the format was very supportive for learning and were delighted with the clinicians.

The “Intro To Ranch Horse” clinic has been going on for approximately twenty years and has always remained highly popular, filling up quickly. The formats and the specific segments have ranged from the customary two portions of cow and dry work under a single clinician all the way through four clinicians covering cow work, dry work, trail segment, and roping. Regardless of format, attendees always leave with excitement for the upcoming months along with many new skills and tools in their toolbox.

Riley & his horse Brandy practice on the flag 

The clinic can and does offer relevant information for just about every rider. From the ranch rider who wants a more broke horse to the showman looking to improve the level of run performed; from the rodeo contestant looking for more knowledge to the riders interested in stepping their foot into the water with the Rocky Mountain Breeders Assn (RMBA) Ranch Horse show series.

Upcoming Events

The clinic being just past, the RMBA is now looking towards the upcoming Ranch Horse Competition series. The series is very family friendly, offers multiple classes well suited to a variety of ages and skill sets for both horse and rider. Whether it’s a “try something new” kind of experience or a “lets get a great run pulled together this year” motivation, there is plenty of opportunity for the riders.

The events always have that excellent camaraderie between the riders; fun for the family; super place to advance skills whether you’re looking at NRCHA, breed shows, or one of the other multiple Versatility Ranch Horse style events that have become so popular; and many friendships are life-long.

Note: there have been a few changes to the Rule Book including change of class name. The definitions will provide more clarity or have had a time limit for cow work added to classes. While the shows are always reliant on the entrant’s honor system, it was necessary to include more specific definition of what each class serves.

Stallion Stakes Eligible Classes

Also, WONDERFUL news! The Stallion Stakes classes have now added the 2-Year Old class to the list of eligible classes. If you’re riding a stallion or the offspring of a stallion that participated in the 2023 Stallion Service Auction, this gives you three cattle classes to choose from. Stallion Stakes classes are a limited eligibility and they also include added monies in the payouts. It really DOES pay to ride offspring from one of the Stallion Service Auction stallions whether you bred your good mare or purchased an offspring from a breeder.

Show Entries on Saddle Book

Show entries are migrating even more fully over to Saddlebook. You’ll need a membership number to tie your entries to. For those who have sent in your memberships, you will have gotten your membership cards by now. If you believe you’ve sent in a membership for 2023, but have not gotten a card, please call Jan at (406) 266-4992; email; or cell which is also textable (406) 521-0001.

If you are contacting, please leave your name and how many members were on the membership along with a method to reach you. As we work through the process of developing the membership numbers and then tie with Saddlebook, please be patient. You can always contact one of your directors with questions. We are here to serve you and the equine community around the RMBA.

Pre-entry is required, this is geared to ensure RMBA can have enough cattle on hand for the show participation. The option to enter on-line via Saddlebook is also available. Most are finding this is more efficient, eliminates the old mail method, ensuring the entry/ies are right on hand with the Show Secretary. The implemented Entry Deadline is the Wednesday before the show.

BioSecurity Precautions

As a show season precaution, riders are suggested to ensure their horses are fully vaccinated. Working with your veterinarian can help you line up the best vaccination protocol for your horse and needs. Each facility may require specific vaccination and/or testing protocol, which is within their authority to do so.

Good biosecurity is not only a benefit to you and your horse, it is beneficial to all the other horses showing and those housed at the facility itself. If known, we will include if the facility requires an Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) test and if so, within what time-frame. Typically, EIA test requirement does not specify AGID or ELISA. Simply ‘Negative’ within so many days or months.

May Events

The May show is set for May 20-21, 2023, at Saddle Peak Equestrian Center. There is limited parking, if the option to “horse pool” is available, this can help everyone have parking access. There are no hook-ups for camping. Though stalls or runs will be available.
The Pattern List and Manager Sheet with many specific details will be published prior to the show. The goal is to help each attendee have as much efficient information at hand as possible.

If you need supplies, consider getting ready for show season by shopping at Murdoch’s, our corporate Silver Sponsor 2023! Be sure to tell them you appreciate their support!

Get Involved

Keep a close eye on our Facebook page at “Rocky Mountain Breeders Association.” Alerts, updates, last-minute information, and more is published on that page. Invite all your friends to “Like” and “Follow” us.

Also, peruse the RMBA website at for all details including the updated Rule Book and the show poster dates. Note: August dates have been changed to August 26-27, 2023.

Members! Have a stallion or more!! Don’t forget to promote them through our Stallion Alley! Great way for people to see them, their pedigree, read about them. What a way to showcase your stallion(s) AND your program! Contact Jan with your stallion’s info and photo at

We look forward to seeing everyone over the summer! Let’s Ride!!

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