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RMBA Newsletter | Oct. 20, 2022

The Rocky Mountain Breeders Association (RMBA) is poised at the edge of the Annual Membership Meeting and Awards Banquet 2022.

The general membership meeting is scheduled to start at 1:00 p.m. with Awards presentations to follow.

RMBA Annual Membership Meeting

The October 29, 2022, event will be held at the Pass Creek Community Center outside of Belgrade, Montana. This is the ideal time to bring ideas to the table for the membership to discuss. The RMBA has long been an association designed to promote breeders’ programs, offer education opportunities, along with bringing events into communities. This remains our commitment.

We’ll be electing officers for the 2nd Vice-President; Secretary; and Director-at-Large. Director positions are a two-year term. The officers are tasked with ensuring the association continues to support breeders, educational opportunities, events, and to cultivate the economic input into communities with each position requiring a variety of tasks specific to that office.

If you’re interested in throwing your hat into the ring for one of the three directorships open this year, contact Ruth Hall at (970) 556-4131 or email to

How about Agenda items for discussion? Send ideas and topics to Jan Finn by email at or call (406) 266-4992 or (406) 521-0001, which is also a textable number. To help run the membership meeting in the most efficient manner, pre-submission of topics is appreciated.

Shall we talk food? Absolutely! The banquet fare is potluck. The RMBA is providing the prime rib, potatoes, and non-alcoholic beverages. To help determine who brings what foods, if your last name starts with A-K, bring a side dish. For the folks whose last name starts with L-Z, bring dessert. If you would like any alcoholic beverages, the event is a BYOB.

To help the RMBA gauge the need for foodstuffs, please RSVP to Ruth Hall. Contact her at (970) 556-4131 or email to If you’re bringing a guest or more, please include them in the RSVP count.

Ranch Horse Competition Turnout

Enjoy the opportunity to cheer for and celebrate with the awards winners and the recognitions to be presented. It was a fantastic year for Ranch Horse Competition turnout. There were some new faces this year, along with the long-time supporters and participants.

Some of the unsung heroes of the Ranch Horse series are the people who work so hard preparing for the shows and working pens and cows on show day. To all of the people whose support and help is invaluable, Thank You for all your hard work. It is very appreciated by all.

Here are the awards and recognition recipients for 2022:
Based on Stallion Service Auction current year stallions: High Selling SSA Service: Perkster the Quarter Horse stallion is owned by Stan & Nancy Weaver of Weaver Quarter Horses in Big Sandy, Montana. SSA Stallion Stakes – Sire of the Year: A Lena Times Two / Lena Times Two the double-registered stallion is owned by Amanda Smieja of Starlight Performance Horses in Fairfield, Montana.

Advanced Ranch Horse: Simple A Belle ridden by Jane Mersen; and Mattie ridden by Diane Powers.

Prime Time Rider: Trigger ridden by Diane Reich; and Simply A Belle ridden by Jane Mersen.

Green Horse – Junior Horse: Docs Sugar Tivio Etc ridden by Barbara Barber; Nabisco Dynamite ridden by Marc Brogger; and Meradas Mooner ridden by Chelsie Johnston. Stallion Stakes – Green Junior Horse: Lenas
Parr Delight ridden by Dakota Woodring; and Hired Gun Times Two ridden by Dakota Woodring.

Green Horse – Senior Horse: Haidas Royal Jewel ridden by Tristram Hokenson; Dual Straight Shot ridden by Lori Hoppe; and Poco Diamond Spark ridden by Judy Rongen. Advanced Youth Rider: Lenas Parr Delight
ridden by Dakota Woodring; and Hired Gun Times Two ridden by Dakota Woodring. Beginning Youth Rider: Hired Gun Times Two ridden by Josey Woodring; Trashy Rooster ridden by Makenze Woodring; and Rey ridden by Lily Malisich. Limited Rider: Dual Peppin Whiskey ridden by Heather Ridley. Novice Rider: Custom Pretty Lady ridden by Carrie Johnson; Dual Straight Shot ridden by Lori Hoppe; and Haidas Royal Jewel ridden by Tristram Hokenson.

Green Horse – 3 Year Old: Lucky Smart Cat ridden by Tamara O’Haire. Open Double Boxing: Zans Hot Properties ridden by Ruth Hall; and What The Duece ridden by Katie Ennis. Limited Double Boxing: Dual Straight Shot ridden by Lori Hoppe; and Miss Bingo Quixote ridden by Julia Tietz Wintersteen.

Green Ranch Riding: Miss Bingo Quixote ridden by Julia Tietz
Wintersteen; Ember ridden by Vicki Anderson; and Special ridden by Laura Malesich.


If you’re planning to rejoin the RMBA in 2023, bring your membership and pay at the meeting, you’ll be paid up well in advance of the start of activities and we’ll have your information for 2023. All renewals paid after October 1 st go to the next calendar year.

Have other information you’d like to see in the newsletter? Send your photos and tidbits along to Jan at You can also call (406) 266-4992.

Annual Stallion Service Auction

Also moving into the latter part of fall, we’ll be ramping up stallion recruitment for the Annual Stallion Service Auction, which is the RMBA’s largest fundraising activity of the year. Know of stallion owners who may be interested in participating? Help recruit for another stellar line-up!

Have stallions that don’t stand to the public? Reference stallions? The Stallion Stakes eligibility offers a Reference Stallion option for $50.00/stallion. Get the promotion and open up Stallion Stakes for offspring or the stallion himself. Stallion Stakes classes are limited eligibility tied directly to the current year Stallion Service Auction and/or Reference Stallions. Take advantage of providing the RMBA with a weather-proof arena banner to be hung in the arena at all the RMBA events. What better way to showcase your ranch and/or stallion(s) than right in the arena?

Don’t forget, members are encouraged to promote their stallions via the Stallion Alley and Breeder’s Profiles. Stallion Alley gives visitors to the website the chance to peruse the stallions and find programs to purchase from and/or breed mares to while giving a boost to their performing offspring. The Breeder’s Profiles give breeders the chance to tell readers about their program from philosophy to successes and milestones. It is your voice. Contact Jan for more information on getting your Breeder’s
Profile written up and/or designed for the website.

Get Involved

We look forward to seeing everyone on October 29 the at the Pass Creek Community Center! Based on time of year, keep an eye on the RMBA’s Meta (aka Facebook) page for updates based on weather phenomenons that “could” impact our event. Go to “Rocky Mountain Breeders Association.”

See you all soon!

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