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The final arena event for the Rocky Mountain Breeder’s Association (RMBA) wrapped up with the last
Ranch Horse Competition of 2023 on August 26-27. A great turnout, fantastic weekend, and a lot of fun
surrounded the show.

The RMBA may not have arena action scheduled between now and 2024, but the pedal is still firmly down as we rocket towards fall activities. Mark your calendars for the Annual Membership meeting and Awards Banquet for November 4, 2023. We’ll be back at the Pass Creek Community Center outside of Belgrade, Montana. All members are encouraged to attend the Annual Membership meeting, bring your family, even bring interested parties so they have a chance to see how the association works, programs, and they can meet other members, too.Attendance at the Annual Membership meeting allows input from all members, helps shape the upcoming year for the association, and hear details of the year wrapping up. This is also when elections for open Directorships are held and committees are seated.

Director slots are an integral part of the association and how it works. The elected Board conducts routine business on behalf of the association members. Terms are for two-years. The President, 1st Vice
President, and the Treasurer positions are up for election/re-election. If you would like to get your name on the ballot for one or more of the Director slots, please contact one of the ladies on the Nomination Committee. Either Ruth Hall at (970) 556-4131 or Renae Jones at (406)579-5498. Let them know which Directorship specifically you’re most interested in. Please send a current photo and a write-up telling members what experience and skills you would bring to the position. Please send an electronic copy to Jan at email to go out in digital Annual Membership meeting & Award Banquet e-blast. This is your way of introducing yourself to the association as a whole, from breeders, to exhibitors, to trainers, to families. If you’re wondering what the duties of the Directorship include in general, the By-Laws on the RMBA website can give you the outline. Or, visit with the current officers to learn what their duties are. Current officers are: Jane Mersen, President; Tristram Hokenson, 1 st Vice President; and Wendy Dellinger is the Treasurer.

Agenda items – send these to Jan at to start assembling our Agenda at the meeting. Depending on the topic, some items will be moved to a committee versus for the membership-at-large. You aren’t limited on the number of items you submit for the Agenda.

Always a highlight of the year is the Awards Banquet! The exhibitors from within the Ranch Horse Competition series rode hard and there were several exciting races to the Year End High Point and Reserve High Point placings. Always great awards where the Ranch Horse Competition placings are
recognized, the memorial Edgar Icenoggle Top Hand Award is presented, and the Stallion Service Auction Hi Selling Service is recognized. In 2023, we have a tie between two stallions that will be recognized.

Come look at the setup, cheer for your friends, celebrate awards and special recognition. It is always a super highlight loaded with fun!

If your favorite part of the newsletter are the show results, look for those in the newsletter edition following this one. We have some great photos from the last show courtesy of Katie Ennis. Thank You,Katie!

Look for a hard copy mailing, as well as a digital e-blast, regarding the upcoming Annual Membership meeting. We’re going potluck style again. Specifics on who brings side dish and who will bring desserts
will be listed. Along with starting time. If you have any mailing or email changes, please notify Jan at or phone (406) 266-4992 with updates. You won’t want to miss a thing! In your hard copy mailing, you will receive a Membership Form for 2024. That will be pre-filled in based
on your 2023 information. When you receive this, please review for any changes, additions, or corrections. Any memberships paid after October 1, 2023, are applied to the 2024 year.

Remember, Memberships make great presents from Christmas stocking stuffers, birthday presents, and Thank You gifts. Excellent for any horse-a-holic that is looking for a laid back, fun-filled organization to meet new people and enjoy with friends. Don’t forget event door prizes, too! Membership can make a
wonderful “winner’s door prize” gift that gives information and enjoyment all year long.
With the meeting and banquet date set for November 4, 2023, please watch your emails and our Facebook page of “Rocky Mountain Breeders Association” for last minute updates or weather-related

Invite your friends and family to check out the RMBA website at to see the
items we offer and highlights listed. If you’re on Facebook, be sure to head on over to our Facebook page at “Rocky Mountain Breeders Association” to ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ it. Invite your friends, too! The
association is diverse and family-friendly. A great association to participate in no matter where your interest lies!
See you at the Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet, everyone!!

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