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What is the Diamond Classic Incentive?

Within the past several years, it’s no secret that the equine futurity world has seen rapid growth in all parts of the industry. Regardless of your role, understanding which incentives you can qualify or nominate into, how & when to enroll your colts, or who to breed too can easily consume a person.

The ever-increasing complexity of incentives is something Kinnon Peck has been studying for the past several years. From within these studies & analyzation of the futurity world, came the idea for The Diamond Classic.

The Diamond Classic is a new incentive, offering contestants the opportunity to run for BIG money, while allowing for more genetic diversity, more opportunity, & a different spin on stallion enrollment for stallion owners.

In terms of stallion & producer enrollment, there are two ways to qualify for The Diamond Classic. The first way is by investing in a farm slot. A farm slot allows for every stallion, every mare, & their offspring from your program to qualify for the Diamond Classic. All 150 farm slots have been purchased.

“Having a farm slot option allows breeders to build up their recognition. This way you can begin to build your brand & build your herd, and improve the genetic pool too.”, said Peck.

If you’re wanting to get a Diamond Classic eligible foal but not needing a farm slot, this next avenue for eligibility might suite you better. The other way to qualify a foal for The Diamond Classic is by breeding to a stallion from a stallion station enrolled within the program. Any stallion standing at that specific station is eligible.

There are a total of 25 stallion station slots available. Currently 14 stallion stations to select from. Some of the best stallion stations in the US like Outlaw Equine, Brazos, Outback, 6666 Ranch, and the Lazy E, have all enrolled in the Diamond Classic.

The inclusivity of The Diamond Classic is what differs this incentive from the rest. Suppose you want to breed to a stallion not enrolled in the program; if the mare you want to breed is from a diamond incentive enrolled farm, her offspring is therefore eligible.

The nomination style for The Diamond Classic is also a little different from other incentives as well. You don’t need to pay in your young horses until September 1 of their 3-year-old year. Since this is the first year for The Diamond Classic, this won’t take affect until 2024.

As a contestant, Diamond Classic sidepots are already up & going at events across the country, with different regional boundaries in place to allow for even payout, regardless of your location.

“Within the next 12 months, we already have 87 sidepots confirmed at events,” said Peck. “We take all the money from within the incentive and split it up evenly between the regions (regions are split up the same way as WPRA circuit regions). This way, everyone has access to run at the same money wherever you are. Just because you’re not located in Texas or Oklahoma doesn’t mean you can’t run for big payouts this way.” explained Peck.

Each region will be having regional races as well.

If you’re an event producer, don’t miss out on this opportunity! The Diamond Classic is actively looking to partner with producers on more sidepots and give money to events. This is available under the producer’s tab on the website.

The future looks bright for The Diamond Classic, and Peck and his crew have no intention of letting off the gas. Their first “main event” is going to take place in April 15-21, 2024, in Abilene, Texas. While their inaugural event will be a barrel race, The Diamond Classic have big plans and are working towards integrating roping events in the future.

For more information, make sure to follow The Diamond Classic on Facebook and visit their website:

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