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I offer everything from starting horses on the pattern to hauling horses that need tune-ups or seasoning. Consignments are horse dependent, unless they have been through my program. I love helping people shop for their unicorn; it’s so satisfying to find a “perfect fit.” I have one broodmare and hope to ride her foals before marketing them. I saw a huge need for lessons, mentorship, and coaching (virtual and in person).

What Makes Your Program Special

Someone once told me that we are “all unique, but not special.” There are many great trainers, but no two create something identical. Horses I’ve ridden will have “my” feel and I want them to be confident and user friendly. I balance horsemanship with simplicity. Horses need to be challenged, not worried. Each horse needs different amounts of time to digest information, so we create a
timeline with the horse considered first. Some owners want a high level horse and others just want to have fun. The horse’s abilities or tendencies are a big factor, so to be fair, I’m honest with owners about
what I see. People want to know how their horse is doing. By utilizing technology, I can help them feel connected to the training process. Training is expensive because this is a high overhead, labor intensive business, so every effort has to be made to deliver a great end result to the owner.
With a quality trainer, money spent will still be outweighed by the value added to the horse.

What Do You Require of a Horse Coming to Your Program?

I don’t mind quirks, but I ask people be brutally honest about what the horse has or hasn’t done in the past. If an issue isn’t mentioned, it’s more time consuming and difficult to address. If the horse has been turned out, plan on them being here longer so I can build them up slowly or walk and trot them yourself for a few weeks. The more broke a horse is, the more I can accomplish in a shorter time. Horses can only progress so fast, but if they don’t have a foundation, it’s impossible to create lasting results. The key to owner-trainer relationships is mutual trust and respect. I need an owner to respect my opinion if one needs to be vetted, a change, a break, etc.

Favorite Part of the Day

Getting to ride great horses. I enjoy the tedious things. I want to know a horse inside and out. There is so much to learn with each horse. The biggest difference in training for yourself and training for the public is that you already know the pieces and how your puzzle fits together. With every outside horse, I have to invent new puzzle pieces. I have to credit the great horsemen/women who helped me get here and continue to get better, including Phil Haugen, Tom Waggoner, Lynn Kohr, as well as my family and friends in this industry.

Get in Touch

Location: Pavillion, WY
Phone: 307-267-0800
Facebook: /teallee35

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