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Trainer’s Edition; Caydee Johnson

Matt Idler Photography
Matt Idler Photography


As a young professional in the horse industry, I feel very fortunate to have grown up the way I did. From a young age I have always been drawn to horses, whether that be training young horses, going to rodeos or helping others grow and improve their ability. I grew up in Bozeman, Montana, Home of the Montana State Bobcats! I can remember being young and people coming over to rope with my parents. As soon as they pulled in, I was asking if I could warm their horses up, of course without any stirrups. Some would say that’s where I got my feel for horses. As I grew into junior high and high school, I found myself still having an uncandid love for horses. I believe this is where my training roots started. My family gave me the opportunity and tools to start training my own horses. I was determined and driven to make the best horses possible, and, in the process, I learned a lot of lessons by trial and error. Some, of which I am happy to have learned, and others, I’m glad to not repeat! Over time, I was introduced to many people who have impacted my training style and increased my understanding of horses. After high school, I continued my education at Laramie County Community College on a rodeo scholarship where I participated in breakaway roping, goat tying, barrel racing and team roping. During my years at LCCC, I started to selfmarket and create a true program for my horse training, specifically breakaway roping horses. My time at LCCC taught me so many things and I will forever be thankful to the coaches and teachers for the opportunity.

Our Philosophy

Horse training is not only my career, but it is a way of life for me. God has truly blessed me by bringing tremendous people and horses into my life. Recently, I have been able to sell a handful of very talented horses. I’m currently taking horses for training in breakaway roping as well as sale horses. I enjoy preparing them for sale including getting them in shape, tuning them up and, overall, making sure they are fit for show. The people make this business fun. I love seeing customers succeed and win on horses I’ve trained! It motivates me to keep making competitive horses for people to enjoy. Every breakaway roper is excited to see the growth and expansion of this event. Being a part of this growth has taught me a lot and I’m very excited to continue my career. I am hopeful to have a horse or two in the rope horse futurity next year. The futurities are a great opportunity for trainers like me to expose our ability and expand our reach. Without my clients trusting and believing in me, it wouldn’t be possible! It takes a village, and I can’t thank them enough for helping me get started on this dream of mine!

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