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Trainer’s Edition; Slash S Ranch-Josh Schley

Our Program

We consider our program to be a place where young horses can start a strong foundation. We expect horses to use that foundation in the arena to understand and build on later on for the events they’re training for. If they have an understanding how to be soft in the face & keep their body together & square underneath them. It will help them do their job correctly. They also have to understand when my hand or foot does something, they need to know what I am asking them to do. At the very beginning you have to start putting those “buttons” on them so they are readily available when you need them.


I’ve been training for the public since 2020. It started out as a necessity, but I found I had and understanding of what people wanted out of their young horses.
I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with men who are excellent horsemen. It started out when I was in my early 20s; I worked for a man named Dave Mckenny. Dave was a cutting horse man in the late 70s early to mid 80s. He had a reputation to be a man who was good with “problem” horses, and finding their potential. I learned from him until I was 25 years old. Starting in 2012 I was around some of the very best team ropers and rodeo cowboys in the world. Trevor Brazile taught me everything
I know about head horses, but it’s not one cookie cutter program that makes a trainer. I study Clinton Anderson & Monty Roberts practices as well. Those are the 4 main people I have learned from in my life. I always keep my eyes & ears open. There are too many people in the world you can learn from, you can take anything back to your program & if it works great, if it doesn’t that’s okay too.


No matter what a horse is doing, if you can get them outside & cover lots of miles & let them be in an environment where there are no walls for them to bounce off of, they can learn how to travel & build confidence and look ahead.
One of the things I enjoy most about training is the “A ha” moment, when you’re working with them & you’re showing them & they get to that point where they understand what you are asking of them. My favorite place to compete is the Royal Crown. It’s such a neat incentive. It’s my kind of people & they lift each other up & promote their stallions whether its a Sr. stallion
or a Jr. stallion.

New Clients

I am always accepting new clients. There’s always a never ending need to start a project & run it to its fulfillment. New clients are always fun because you get a fresh start with somebody.
The best way to contact me is call or text. I always have my phone on me. I enjoy talking to people about horses whether it is a customer, prospective customers, other horse trainers or just people who have questions.

Get in Touch

Location: Mountain Park, OK
Phone: 785-844-3608

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