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Barrel Racing

Trainer’s Edition; Jenn Zeller

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“There’s something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of a [woman]”.
Do you find yourself questioning this old adage?

Outside the Turn University was created because I caught myself not feeling that goodness. There is a lot to get caught up in, with all that is barrel racing and horsemanship; bloodlines, bits, etc. My horses had begun to feel like a chore. I found myself overlooking all my horse was giving me because of numbers on a clock. Then I had a moment of clarity, and remembered how badly the horse-crazy pre-teen I was, would have gladly traded anything to be where I am now; and that I was letting a 4 or 5 numbers
and a dot on a clock be the sum-total of the measure of my horsemanship, success, and happiness.
Since that moment of clarity, I find myself being that horse-crazy girl again; because I started to realize it’s what happens “outside the turns” of a barrel race that ultimately matter the most. Now at Outside the Turn University, at the DX Ranch, I’d like to share some of that with you and your horses.

I’ve tried hard to have horses in my life, since my first “horse-time for chores arrangement” back in the late1980’s. Since then I’ve learned from people, horses, and circumstances; and my goal with OTTU is to share it; so others can rediscover or preserve that goodness.
From starting colts, to helping folks that want a good trail partner, or those that are looking to compete; what happens “outside the turn” matters. Our goal is to help you enjoy the process of building a relationship with your horse. We’ve done clinics here at the ranch, hosted other
clinicians with similar approaches, and even taken our show on the road, which we hope to do more of this year.
Offering the horse a chance to make a choice is paramount in our program. Consistency is key, but what we believe you’ll find as well is that it’s more about the consistency of “how” you do things, than it is “what”.

Our ideal client understands that the horse doesn’t have a concept of time and that learning happens at the pace of the student, not the teacher. We are here to help the horse and its owner learn, and have sustainable, life-long learning. If you’re interested in finding the goodness that happens “Outside the Turn”; for references, to make an appointment, or to host a clinic, please reach out!

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