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Barrel Racing

Trainer’s Edition; Kate Eberspecher

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I grew up riding mostly cow bred horses and I started out showing through 4-H. I do not come from a family with a horse background, so I guess you could say that I was born with the horse bug and it has never gone away. We kept our horses across from a cow horse trainer and he helped me a ton and let me ride his horses to help me learn what they are supposed to feel like. After high school I had been put in touch with an amazing lady that helped me develop a passion for training barrel horses. Her program really opened my eyes and I learned so much from her and the high caliber of horses I was blessed to ride while being there.

Our Philosophy

My training program consists of mostly my own horses currently. I figured I would have to raise and train my own to show my skill set before I would be able to have a clientele. I have really enjoyed the breeding process and raising my own babies. Our oldest is now 3 and I am really excited to start hauling him and get the 2 year olds going. I am accepting new clients. I don’t really have a go to tool. I have a handful of bits that really fit my hands and that I love. But I do keep things pretty simple and versatile so that they can be rode in about anything and stay true to their training. I have had a lot of help over the years to contribute to my training philosophy. And every day I am still learning more and more. When I was younger, I rode with cow horse trainers such as Tyler McSpadden and Karen Coon. I did an internship with Amy Jo Reisdorfer, and she is the one who really changed my mindset and ultimately my goals on wanting to be a barrel horse trainer.

Kate’s Mindset

Seeing the progress a colt makes is so rewarding. When it finally “clicks” for them and you see them enjoy their job and then go on and be successful with someone else is the best part, especially when it is a kid and that is where most of the ones I have trained have gone on with.


I have always taken in one outside horse here and there over the years since college. But now that my husband and I are settled and have the facilities, we decided we could open it up to training for the select public. I have not been able to really travel much yet. My absolute favorite I have gone to every year has been West Fest in Rapid City and the Colorado Classic. I have qualified for several large events including National Little Britches Finals and The Bonus Race Finals twice but have never gotten to go due to life and having kids. I do look forward to the next few years and being able to finally compete at some large events including the Pink/Ruby buckle, Royal Crown and other incentives my colts are eligible for.

Get in Touch

Location: Torrington, WY
Facebook: K Performance Horses

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