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Trainer’s Edition; Jenny Dillard

Pure Grace Photography by Alison Lucian
Pure Grace Photography by Alison Lucian


I grew up in the small town of Eatonton, Georgia. My first pony arrived when I was 3 years old as a Christmas gift tied to the front porch and it was all downhill from there. At the age of 5, my mother enrolled me in a local barn that taught English and I rode with that barn all through Elementary, Middle, and High School. In college I started barrel racing and I had the pleasure to work and learn
from Steve McLoud and his daughter Lori Eager. They raise and train barrel horses. I spent 6 months in Wyoming where I worked alongside a couple and their daughter who trained rope/barrel/ranch horses. When I graduated college I spent 2 years dayworking and tuning up ranch horses. In the past 4 years I have spent time working for several different trainers within the reining and cutting horse industry in New York, Texas and Florida. My duties have ranged from starting young horses, to riding the finished horses. My biggest mentors I would say are Brady Ripple and Lori Eager. They both have played a big role in mentoring me with starting and training young horses.

My Philosophy

I currently live in Mount Calm, Texas and have just recently gone out on my own in the past year training my personal horses as well as taking in outside horses. I haven’t had the opportunities others may have had to go out and make a big name for myself in a certain discipline yet. However, in my opinion that is what helps set myself apart from other trainers. I’ve had the unique opportunity to become proficient in many disciplines. This has made me well rounded and put me in a position to help a variety of clients and their horses. Although my passion is barrel and cow horses, my main goal with any horse I train is to
have a solid foundation you can come back to. I work on getting the horse broke and soft enough that when you start focusing them in a certain direction, the horse is set up for success and you’re not having to train the horse on fundamentals while also trying to train them in a discipline.
I always make sure the horse understands what I am asking of them at home before I take them anywhere and ask them to perform a job. (i.e opening and closing gates) I don’t want to set a young horse up for failure by taking them to town and the horse be completely lost, end up crushing their confidence and regressing instead of progressing. Every horse I ride, I take the time with them inside and outside an arena. I expose them to many miles under a saddle whether it’s checking or working cattle,
hauling them to a training facility to work them on a flag as well as haul them to ropings and track steers. I also use them at a sale barn where they are exposed to loud speakers, bawling calves and a fast paced environment. I’d have to say my favorite part of riding young horses is seeing and feeling them learn what I’m teaching them with confidence and watching them succeed as they continue on. I have to thank the good Lord and all of my friends and family that have helped push me to get where I am today. I am confident that any horse I train will leave my place set up for success and ready for their next step. I look forward to all the horses I’ll have the pleasure of riding and training in the future. I am currently limited on the amount of horses I can take in at this time, but would love to work with your horse if given the chance.

Get in Touch

Location: Mount Calm, TX
Phone: 229-366-1194

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