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Trainer’s Edition; Reece May


I’m Reece May. My wife Hannah and I live in Lovell, Wyoming. I ride and train mostly quarter horses, but I have trained some draft and thoroughbred horses. My usual training program includes me taking in a horse for thirty days, but I can take a horse in for any amount of time. I like to expose horses to the ranching lifestyle. That includes moving cows, branding, doctoring, and other miscellaneous ranching tasks. These different situations help the colt gain confidence and grow towards being
a solid, well-minded horse. My main focus as a trainer is gaining a horse’s trust and being able to control a horse’s body and mind. My “go-to” tool is freeing up a horse’s hind quarters; a lot of my teaching begins there. The thing I enjoy most about training is building a relationship of trust and respect between me and the horse. I also enjoy that I am constantly learning from each horse. I am blessed to have my passion also be my job. I enjoy competing at ranch rodeos. It is great to see how my horse handles working situations in a competitive setting. I have been training for the public for three years now. I have had a few great mentors in my life including Jake Hahn of Lovell, Wyoming and Brian Neubert of Alturas, California. This upcoming spring, summer, and fall I will be accepting new clients.


“Reece has been starting all of our colts for around three years now. The first horse he rode for us was our 8 year old stud Talkindirtynspanish, he was rideable in a sense that you could get on him and drag him around like a plow horse. In 60 days, Reece had him moving off leg cues and even holding calves. Since riding our stud, he has started every one of our colts and they’ve all come home ready for a job moving off leg soft in the bridle and willing. Most recently, Reece ventured into Ranch Horse showing when I begged him to train and ride one of our colts in the Nile Ranch horse futurity. Reece and CE Ima Fury ended up 6th in the Reined Cow Horse and 2nd in Ranch Trail. We couldn’t be happier. The future is bright for Reece’s training program and Smallwood Horses is glad to have Reece riding our horses!”-Ashley Smallwood, Smallwood Horses

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Location: Lovell, Wy
Phone: (307) 271-2227

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