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Trainer’s Edition; Brayden Wiesen

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The primary focus of our program is to train a horse that anyone can win on. Efficient, correct from the start, and a true solid foundation is what you can expect when you send a horse into our care. Since moving to Texas I’ve been working every day to improve my horsemanship, roping abilities, and competition mindset with intentionality. Our location has allowed us to be exposed to trainers of all different disciplines. Learning from rope horse futurity champions, cutters, reiners and some of the best rodeo cowboys in the industry I’ve gotten to see what it takes to take a green horse and transform them into a champion.

Our Philosophy

One of the benefits I feel we provide is a style of training that allows the horse to use its mind. With that being said, the use of a lead steer helps me accomplish that goal. This tool teaches the horse how to set themselves up for success with consistent repetition: instilling in them where to put their feet, when to rate, hunt the right position, and make their job easy. Position, rate and run becomes second nature. They know where their comfort zone is and they are hunting to get there. Helping a horse learn and working with the horse in order to create the desired outcome is going to get me further than forcing a horse into a cookie cutter mold. I believe that if I can instill confidence in a horse, when it comes time to perform, they’re willing to help you win. At the end of the day my goal is to have a horse that is a winner and looks classy doing their job. I truly believe that great horses help the cowboys.

Get Started

If you are looking to get your horse into the hands of someone who will care for them like their own, set them up for long term success, and showcase them with pride I am currently accepting new clients.

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Location: Stephenville, TX
Phone: 307-630-3578

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