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Wyoming State Fair Proposes

Exciting Potential Project Progresses: Silver Arena Enclosure at Wyoming State Fairgrounds Gets Favorable Recommendation.

Douglas, WY – The Wyoming State Fairgrounds is taking a significant step forward in its pursuit of an exciting potential project to enclose the Silver Arena, a pivotal facility on its grounds. This initiative aims to amplify the fairgrounds’ capabilities by creating a versatile, year-round event space for both the local community and visitors from near and far. Following a string of well-attended public meetings held at the Fairgrounds in May, initial visualizations and concepts were unveiled, sparking widespread anticipation and engagement.

The Wyoming State Fairgrounds holds a special place as a cherished institution that celebrates the agricultural heritage of Wyoming while hosting over 400 events annually. The prospect of enclosing the Silver Arena stands as a prime opportunity to broaden the fairgrounds’ offerings and maximize its impact throughout every season. Throughout the public gatherings in May, officials from the Fairgrounds, architects, and project planners joined forces with the community and user groups to present early renderings and concepts for the Silver Arena’s enclosure. These presentations generated palpable excitement among attendees, who were captivated by the potential and possibilities the project held.

The engagement sought public input and feedback, underscoring the fairgrounds’ dedication to maintaining open communication and fostering collaboration with stakeholders. The envisioned enclosure of the Silver Arena would create a fully indoor setting, ensuring event organizers and attendees alike can enjoy adaptable and comfortable space, independent of unpredictable weather conditions. The
project’s vision encompasses new facilities, flexible seating arrangements, and modern infrastructure, setting the stage for a diverse range of events, including horse shows, rodeos, barrel race futurities, team-ropings, and a variety of western lifestyle festivities.

The prospective Silver Arena enclosure not only signifies a substantial investment in the Wyoming State Fairgrounds but also demonstrates a commitment to the surrounding communities and the entire state of Wyoming. It promises to usher in new opportunities for event organizers, attract a diverse array of events year-round, and yield a considerable economic boost for local businesses and the State.

“We are genuinely excited about the prospects of enclosing the Silver Arena and the transformative
impact it will bring to the Wyoming State Fairgrounds, surrounding communities and the state as a whole. The initial public interactions allowed us to unveil our vision to the community and gather invaluable insights. We eagerly look forward to advancing with the project while maintaining ongoing dialogue with the public throughout its evolution,” shared Courtny Conkle, General Manager of the Wyoming State
Fairgrounds. As the project continues to unfold, the Fairgrounds will disseminate updates and provide avenues for further feedback via its website, social media platforms, and upcoming public meetings.


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