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Royalty Roundup; Miss Rodeo Idaho, Lydia Miller

Miss Rodeo Idaho Lydia Miller

Hello from Idaho’s Magic Valley and the tiny town of Buhl, my name is Lydia Rose Miller and I am thrilled to be your 2023 Miss Rodeo Idaho. The goal of one day wearing this crown is one I have had for many years and having the opportunity to put this achievement to work for the western industries across the Gem State is something I am thoroughly enjoying. As a ranch-raised farm kid, I have always valued the traditions of Idaho’s agriculture community.

I grew up around the sport of rodeo and have competed in a variety of events. I love communicating my love of this sport with the public and especially with younger generations. But it is the where the sport started that really runs deep in my veins and in my family roots. With rodeo evolving from the everyday tasks of cowboys and cowgirls, I carry a deep pride for the hardworking farmers and ranchers who give tirelessly day in and day out to produce food for the entire globe.

As Miss Rodeo Idaho, that is a message I want to share with others – rodeo is the greatest form of entertainment and is a wholesome family activity and way of life – but the people who live this lifestyle day in and day out are the same kind of people who also work for society by provide food and fiber for people everywhere.

Another goal I have as Miss Rodeo Idaho is taking my personal platform #RidewithMe, to the masses. “Ride with Me,” is multi-dimensional campaign I started to use throughout my year and beyond. As I share my 2023 journey online through Miss Rodeo Idaho’s social media platforms, I want people to follow along “riding with me,” to see the places I visit and the ways I share our great sport, both in Idaho and across the country. #RidewithMe is also my way of helping people know they always have a friend. A related cause that is dear to my heart is the campaign “No More Empty Saddles,” which aims to address suicide prevention in rural communities. The mental health of those around us is an area where e can all make a difference. Whether lifting someone up with encouraging words, sharing a smile or being a friend when someone needs one, we can all do something to better the lives of others.

Unfortunately, Idaho ranks No. 4 in the nation for rural suicide and as a rural woman myself, this is a statistic I want to see changed. Rural people do so much for others and have the biggest hearts around. Though rural living can come with its unique challenges, the pros of living in the country far outweigh the cons. I want to effect change by helping people like my friends, family and neighbors realize the blessings that come from living in this incredible world. I hope you will join me in influencing the lives of those around you for the better.

You can follow my journey via the Miss Rodeo Idaho social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. As you #RidewithMe, I hope you will be inspired by the wonders of the western world and the ways you can be a part of it.

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